Site surveys made easy

Covid-19 has made travel inconvenient. So how can you guarantee a consistent customer experience across all of your properties without leaving the office?

OpenWrench makes it easy to create and assign site surveys to location staff, technicians or vendors who will be on-site, allowing you to collect photos and survey data with less travel and expense.

Create a custom survey of data you want to collected

Define your own set of tasks to be completed and questions to be answered. Collect data in a variety of forms including multiple choice, text, dates and numbers.

Assign walkthroughs to location staff, technicians or vendors

Crowdsource your data collection by leveraging your location staff and vendors to collect data when your facilities team or internal technicians don’t have the bandwidth.

Sit back and watch photos and data on your locations come in

As your team completes walkthroughs, watch in real time as responses, comments and photos flow back to your dashboard for review.

Ready to start collecting better data on your facilities?

Join Planet Fitness, Canopy Growth, Gold’s Gym and 100s of others making brick and mortar better with OpenWrench.