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on OpenWrench

OpenWrench is a platform that connects retailers, restaurants, gym groups and other multi-unit businesses with service providers who can help them maintain their facilities and equipment.

Why OpenWrench?

We make it easier for new potential customers to find you.

When you sign up, you get a free listing in WrenchHub, our directory of commercial service providers.

We help keep everyone on the same page so you get paid faster with fewer disputes.

We make quote approvals, work sign off and invoicing easy so you get paid faster.

It’s completely free!

We don’t charge service providers to use our service or mark up your invoices when you submit them to customers.

How to get listed on OpenWrench?

There are two ways service providers get onto OpenWrench — they’ve either invited by a current customer who’s using our software or they sign up via our service provider portal (WrenchHub).


All you need to do to be listed on WrenchHub and complete work on OpenWrench is sign up for a free account and add some basic information about your business (company name, HQ location, description of services provided, license number, primary contact email, etc).

Become available to numerous opportunities

Once onboarded, You’ll then be available in our network, any customer can invites you to join their private network and can direct their work orders towards you.

Get better Workflow

You can stay notified of new work orders specifying job details and initial budget (not-to-exceed amount) thorugh our notifications

Know more about work orders with Notes & Call

You can chat with customer to know better about the job,clarify any queries you might have and have maximum efficiency

Always in the loop

When a new customer invites you to join their private network, you’ll receive an email with the details of what kind of work they’d like your help with and which locations they’d like you to service.

Emails notifications

Whenever any customer assings you any work order, you will get notified on email with a brief detail about specific work order

Mobile notifications

You can download our app to get all the notifications on the fly for you and all the technicians you might have

How does it work?

Once signed up, you will receive a work order on OpenWrench, there are five major updates most customers want you to provide:

  • Accept the Job

    Confirm you’ve received the work order and accept the job

  • Schedule service

    Let them know when a technician will be able to come out

  • Start work

    Tell them when the tech has arrived on site and is starting work.

  • Finish work

    Let them know when the technician is done on site and whether the issue is fixed or a return visit will be required.

  • Bill for your work

    Send your invoice to the customer’s AP department directly via the OpenWrench portal so that they can verify you’re billing for a approved, completed job and get you paid quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Who pays me for my work?
Your customer will pay you directly for work you do on OpenWrench. We simply forward your invoice details to their accounts payable team for processing.
Do my technicians have to use an app?
While OpenWrench does provide modern, easy-to-use mobile applications for field technicians who want to see job details and provide updates from the field, most customers do not require that your technicians use the mobile application as a requirement to do work for them.
I have more questions about OpenWrench. How can I get them answered?
We hold weekly, free training calls for new service providers who have questions about OpenWrench. You can sign up for one of our upcoming sessions here Enroll Now!

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