Facilities Onboarding Guide

👋 Welcome to OpenWrench

We understand that you have done your due diligence researching different providers and looking over details, so we are excited to start this journey with you! The below information will be helpful to refer to as we are getting your company set up. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are confident that our experience, timeliness, and attention to detail will make this onboarding process smooth for you and the team.

📣 OpenWrench Communication

We welcome you to email support@useopenwrench.com at any time! That address is monitored by multiple people, and we will try to respond to questions within the hour during normal business hours. There is also a support chat when you log into OpenWrench that can be accessed by clicking on the headphone’s icon.

During the set-up process, we will schedule a weekly cadence call via Zoom. We would like to continue these weekly meetings until you feel comfortable with the OpenWrench process, wherein we will set up a monthly call for productive feedback and questions.

✅ Onboarding Checklist

We can work very quickly to get your facilities up and running! On average, our customers can meet their live date goal of 4-6 weeks. Here is a checklist of what we need to get started:

  • Create a data room and share
  • Setting up weekly cadence call
  • Data Collection:
    • Determine Problem Type List
    • Capture Supplier Information
    • Capture Location Data
    • Capture Asset Data (Optional)
    • Obtain OpenWrench Users List
  • Set a universal Not to Exceed amount (Optional)
  • Set Up Quote Approval Hierarchy
  • Determine Invoice Management process
  • Data Collection loaded in OpenWrench
  • Supplier Onboarding (Invites and Training)
  • Train OpenWrench Users via Zoom and share recording
  • GO LIVE!
  • Set Up Continued cadence as necessary

Create a data room and share

A Google Drive will be set up and we will provide access to all necessary members of your team to store, edit, add, and communicate information.

Set up a Weekly Cadence Call

We will schedule a weekly Zoom call to discuss our onboarding process. It is best to find a day and time that works for all and stick to that day. Naturally, there will be situations that come up for both parties and we may have to reschedule. It happens! We will try to give as much notice as possible and appreciate the reciprocity.

💾 Data Collection

Determine the Problem Type List

There will be a generic problem type list, based on your type of facility, in Google Drive. While most folks think this is a great list to get started, it is also completely customizable! You can add, remove, or break down the problem types. For example: the user selected the “Plumbing” problem type and there are other related choices within that category on the next page.

Problem Types (cont.)

While compiling your problem type list remember the K.I.S.S Rule - Keep It Simple by Supplier! If you have a Supplier that grouts your floors, fixes your counters, and does general handyman work you could have a “General Maintenance” problem type category. However, if there is a specific Supplier you contact for Epoxy Floors, we will want to create a separate problem type category for “Epoxy Floors”.

Capture Supplier Information

The next step is to provide a list of your suppliers. It is important to note what problem types they should be assigned to and which locations they service. The supplier sheet has additional fields for an email address, phone numbers, and contact information. OpenWrench will handle the initial outreach campaign to onboard your suppliers.

We provide “Supplier Office Hours” sessions every Monday and Friday at 1230 PM CST. It’s essentially an informal Zoom session where suppliers can ask questions and see a demonstration of the life of a service call. Additionally, they have access to our support chat and support email address. OpenWrench does not run without yours/ours/all Suppliers, and we strive to make them feel 100% supported!

Capture Location Data

Please fill out your locations data spreadsheet with as much information as possible for the initial upload. You can add additional information such as floor plans, specs, and pictures later.

Capture Asset Data (optional)

If you would like to add assets in OpenWrench, such as RTU’s, refrigeration, or water heaters we do have capabilities to do so. However, it is not necessary to successfully get started in OpenWrench and for most folks is a “phase 2” goal.

We can facilitate asset stickers if you choose to order them. We work with a company that will print them and ship them to you for about $.40 - $.80/each depending on the quantity and shipping requests. You are responsible for the cost of the stickers and shipping, but we will provide an estimate before the order is placed.

Obtain OpenWrench Users List

We will need to know who you would like to invite as a user placing service requests and what their role will be within your organization. There are three different roles that can be assigned; “Store Associates”, “Managers”, and “Admins”. Through the onboarding process we will explain what kind of permissions these users will have and you can assign them accordingly based on your needs.

Set a Universal Not to Exceed Amount (Optional)

Most of our customers have a Not to Exceed amount. This is a dollar amount (usually from $500 - $1000) that is automatically listed on a work order when the request is placed. It is an amount that is telling the supplier, “You are authorized to proceed with these repairs as long as you do not exceed this certain amount.” If the repairs are going to be over the NTE amount they will need to provide a quote to be approved or get authorization from someone within your organization. Suppliers are not able to submit an invoice for any work over the NTE.

Set Up Quote Approval Hierarchy

We will need a list of folks that can approve quotes and for what amount within your organization. These people will be notified when a quote is submitted within their dollar amount of approval.

Determine Invoice Management Process

To optimize the full capabilities of OpenWrench, it is important that invoices are submitted from your 3rd Party vendors. We would like to set up a meeting with your accounting team to determine how your invoice flow is currently working and how that will coincide with OpenWrench. We have several different options available and have integrated with many current customers!

🛠️ Tools and Resources


If you are looking for a supplier to fill in any gaps, we have a page in OpenWrench called WrenchHub where you can search for suppliers in areas/cities or by name.

OpenWrench Apps

For the best experience and ease of use, download the OpenWrench app! Simply search “OpenWrench” or follow the links below. Please note, it is NOT the OpenWrench Service Manager – that is for the suppliers/partners side.

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/openwrench/id1451261564

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.useopenwrench.openwrench

🙋 ‍Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have my data listed in a different format?
Great - we will take it! We are able to upload info from Excel sheets to pdf’s. If you are converting from a company like OpenWrench, most often, we are able to export your information. This is usually obtained by granting us user access. However, you could request an export directly from them or download it yourself.
I don’t have suppliers for certain problems at my locations. What should I do?
Once we get the suppliers assigned for what you do have, we can go back through and offer suggestions to fill the gaps with our OpenWrench network of suppliers. You will want to make sure there aren’t any new customer/new vendor requirements with these suppliers in order to avoid confusion before service is requested.
Do I have to add my assets later if I don’t do it during the set up?
While you certainly can add them as you go, we have capabilities to bulk upload your assets that may be collected in a spreadsheet. Sometimes folks feel that is a big undertaking and we have a solution to ease the burden!

Next Steps

We will set up an initial kick off call and then discuss the timeline for a live date. Please refer to the data collection needed above and feel free to share this with all parties involved that can help make this happen!

We are looking forward to working with you!