How to record a meter reading?

Meter readings are a way to record the condition of your assets over time -- everything from condition readings like temperature and pressure to utilization numbers like hours operated or cycles completed.

Entering a reading can be done on either the website or the OpenWrench mobile app.

To record a reading on the website, navigate to the asset detail page for the equipment, scroll down and click on the meter that you want to add a reading to. A drawer will open up showing past readings for that meter. Click the purple "Add Reading" button and enter your reading.

If the meter is recording a cumulative value like mileage or hours operated where it makes sense to set a new baseline value after an oil change, bulb replacement or other preventative maintenance is completed, you can also check the "Is baseline reading?" toggle to indicate the new reading should be considered the new baseline.

You can also add a meter reading by navigating to the meter detail page from the Meters list and following the same steps as above.

On mobile, adding a reading can also be done from the asset detail page. Navigate to the asset in question, scroll down, click the meter in question, then click the large purple "Add Reading" button to record the new value.

If your company has placed stickers on its assets, you can quickly navigate to the asset detail page by opening the QR code scanner from the assets page and pointing it at the QR code on your OpenWrench asset tag.