Check in and out on desktop

Login to your company account at The REMOTE CHECK IN and REMOTE CHECK OUT feature allows someone offsite to check in and out and indicate the times a tech was onsite. Navigate to the work order you would like to check in and out of and click on it. You will land on the Overview tab. Scroll down to REMOTE CHECK IN and enter the time onsite, add photos (not required), notes, and select CHECK IN.

Checking out is similar. You will have the opportunity to select if the work is completed, parts are needed, or a quote is needed when checking out. If parts or a quote are needed, the work order will move into an “on hold” status and you will be able to schedule another service call. Once you have checked out and noted that the work is complete, the status is moved to “In Progress – Waiting for Review”. A notification has been sent to the customer to approve the work that was performed. Once approved, the status is moved to “Completed”.