Understanding invoice statuses

The Invoices tab on the left of the screen is where you can track the status of your invoices, not where you will upload them. Invoice statuses are also able to be filtered on this screen.

  • Draft – These invoices have been uploaded but are not visible to the customer yet. You can publish them from this screen when they are able to be published. Simply click in the check box to the left of the invoice information and select PUBLISH.
  • Pending – these invoices have been published and are awaiting managers’ approval to send to Accounts Payable.
  • Disputed – there was a discrepancy with the invoice and the manager has not approved the invoice. Please reach out to the customer directly or in the notes section.
  • Approved – the invoice was approved. Invoices are sent to their Accounts Payable team in different ways depending on the customer.
  • Processing – the invoice is being processed for payment.
  • Paid – the customer will note when it has been paid so you are aware that payment will arrive very soon!